D.R. Chisholm


   A Stitch in Time - A Novel
   Neophite time-traveller Elizabeth Bridges finds herself in 1857, trapped  
   in a time of fear and prejudice. If she can learn to use her gift, Elizabeth 
   will save hundreds of lives - and lose the only person she has ever
The Shark Moon (short story)
On an early-morning walk along the seashore, Diana meets a man sitting alone on the sand. What this stranger knows about Diana will make her a goddess.

The Layover (short story)
Jacqueline just wants to keep the peace, but when she's wrangled into dinner with her estranged mother during a layover on her way from Honolulu to New York, Jacqueline must decide whether peace is more important than truth.

(Read The Layover on the "Scribbles" page)
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