D.R. Chisholm

About (Biography)

Born and raised in Oregon, D.R. Chisholm spent much of her early years sitting on church pews beside her great aunt and great uncle listening to the energetic sermons of Pentecostal preachers from all over the country. It was at these services that D.R. came to understand the power of language.

Bounced from house to house and foster home to foster home, D. R. came to rely on the transformative power of a good novel and began a lifetime habit of wide and voracious reading. Something of a wild child, D.R. eschewed traditional education and spent her twenties traveling and exploring. It wasn't until D.R. was in her thirties taking liberal arts courses at a local community college and serving as editor for the campus literary magazine that she found the confidence to start writing down stories of her own.

D.R. lives with her husband and animal companions in a suburb of Honolulu. Formerly the broker in charge at the largest locally-owned real estate firm in the state, D. R. now writes full-time.

"I want to be rich, thin and have the body of a nineteen year-old, but I'd trade it all for just one sublime sentence that says exactly what I mean without a single unnecessary word in the lot."

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